In 2022 our clients uploaded debts averaging 143 days overdue and, for every £1million of debt where the customer engaged, Debt Register recovered £824,000, paid directly into our clients’ bank. More than 60% of payments were made within seven days.

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Debt Register creates unique, intelligent leverage by empowering your team with a deliverable consequence, getting you paid within 7 days of your data upload. If your debtor fails to address their arrears within this time, then we report notification of their default to our panel of leading Global Reporting Partners including D&B and Experian – a consequence rarely ignored by actively trading entities, who will not want their credit rating negatively affected.

Being a cloud-based solution, Debt Register takes less than 30 minutes to have your account set up, users added, and debts uploaded. This can all be done by the Credit team, negating the need to wait for IT resources or any software to be downloaded. Please see the video below describing the ease of implementation for some of our FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 clients.


All our clients have received a return on their investment within a month of using Debt Register. By affording you the ability to autonomously add interest and compensation to your debts at the point of load, Debt Register is a cost neutral solution for many of our clients. Please see the video discussing how quickly Johnson Controls, Informa and CommScope received a full ROI.


No, Debt Register is not outsourcing. Your credit team are fully in control of the journey and relationship between you and the debtor. Debt Register does not replace any of your current solutions, it adds another weapon to your credit control arsenal.

Yes, as we do not threaten any legal action, Debt Register has no jurisdiction restrictions making us one of the most effective solutions for international debts. Using time zone intelligence, the communication is issued when the debtor will be most likely to engage with the email. We have collected debts from x countries. 

Debt Register requires very little change to your current process.  The solution works on all debts. The best results are seen on debts between 30-90 days overdue, however the oldest debt we have collected was 6,273 days past due. We recommend you replace your current threat of 3rd party escalation, with our highly effective pre-chase paragraph which will be provided to you post registration.

Every email address uploaded to Debt Register is validated against our database of over 100 billion live email addresses. We track every communication issued by including a 1×1 pixel oxidisation packet that, once triggered, will reflect on the system giving you full clarity on your debtors’ interaction. You can also track logins to the debtor portal. To book a demo and see how, click here:

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We are a team driven to globally boost businesses by simplifying and solving the problem of slow  paying debtors.


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