Maximise Cash Collections

Debt Register is a multi-award winning software that has been developed with leading credit teams of FTSE100 and Fortune 500 companies. Its sole purpose it to help enterprise companies to maximise their cash collections.

This is achieved through a fully automated AI / data led solution delivered through a unique partnership with both D&B and Experian. Debt Register is fully scalable and global, and can be up and running in as little as two hours. The facts speak for themselves: in 2022 our clients uploaded debts averaging 143 days overdue and for every £1 million of debt engaged, Debt Register recovered £824,000, paid directly into our clients’ bank. With more than 60% of the payments paid within seven days.

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Dual Winners at the CICM British Credit Awards 2023

100% consistency

As a fully autonomous technology you can be confident that our approach will also be delivered every time with 100% consistency.

Instant team efficiency

In Debt Register your team will effectively have a new member who can chase thousands of accounts with one click, with all payments paid directly to your bank. 

5-routes to resolution

Debt Register delivers instant communication to your customer, each communication delivers up to 5 routes to resolution.

  1. Access to their own portal showing a full breakdown of their overdue account, accessible across all devices.  

  2. An email for you credit controller, or team.

  3. A direct line for the same. 

  4. Your bank account details for payment as all payments are paid directly to you.

  5. Your credit card link or a call to action to enable payment by card.


This delivers your customer full transparency on the outstanding debt and the ability to action your payment at any time 24/7.

Like outsourcing with zero outsourcing!

A truly global solution

Debt Register has been designed to support both UK and International collections teams to maximise cash collections. It’s fully scalable and is actively used by both on- and off-shore collections teams. Unrestricted by international jurisdiction, Debt Register drives payments autonomously from any country, and billed in any currency.

All payments paid direct

It’s your money that’s overdue, and we believe that the payment should always be in your bank. All payments will be paid directly into to your nominated bank accounts, irrespective of the currency in which it was billed. 

Jurisdiction busting

The global nature of Debt Register means the same consequence is applied to any debtor for failing to pay, regardless of country or state, and regardless of jurisdiction.


We autonomously provide an auto-translated solution that communicates in your debtors’ local language in over 200 countries to simplify collection of overdue global debt. This includes all debtor portals and all communications received. 

Time zone

The system is intelligent to recognise different time zones, working days and cultural nuances including national holidays or religious festivals, and times the despatch of any communications accordingly.

Screenshot taken directly from the DebtRegister portal dashboard


Debt Register gives your finance team 100% visibility on all your delinquent accounts, all serviced through our easy-to-use client portal. Debtors are also provided with full access to your claim, and are able to communicate directly with you once a payment has been made, or if a genuine dispute has occurred preventing an invoice from being settled. 

The client portal can be accessed using any device 24/7 from anywhere, delivering your team a solution that works all the time.


Through intelligent automation Debt Register allows your credit team to focus their attention where it matters. Through smart leverage, automation and machine learning, Debt Register gives your team an instant solution to maximise cash collections, positively impacting your working capital, reducing your collection cycle and increasing the efficiency of your credit team. It works without having to resort to time consuming and costly legal action which can also alienate your customers. Your team stays ahead, their morale is improved, and they are able to focus on the things that matter most.

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What could be more important than being paid?

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