How has the pandemic affected the payments industry?

Since 11 March 2020, payment delays have been skyrocketing. The rate of increase in unpaid invoices have shot up +23% in UK, +26% in the Netherlands, +44% in Belgium, +52% in Spain, +56% in France and +80% in Italy. The economic fallout for businesses corelates closely with the development of the pandemic…


The Power of Automation

Automation helps avoid the inefficiencies and problems that can arise with manual processes, such as the many manual chase letters, non-productive phone calls, e-mails, re-sending of copy invoices and further data —all of which increase the potential for errors and delays…


Legal Action is Dead!

The mean time taken for small claims and multi/fast track claims to go to trial was 39.7 and 59.6 weeks. There will clearly be further backlogs and expectation is that the time to trial will be between 52 & 76 weeks. For the readers convenience we have copied the ¼ court stats at the end of this page…

What could be more important than being paid?

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